Tuesday , January 28 2020

The results of the post-war five-year plan. Part 1

January 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly. Round date (2020) as if she was pushing to take stock not only last year but also in the whole five years, and maybe decades of work of the President and government. At least in his last …

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The USSR is a country built by slaves

So, friends — today will be a post about how all the “achievements of the Soviet industry” was built with slave labor. In the false Soviet anthem, the Soviet Union has the following lines — “unbreakable Union of free republics United forever great Russia, long live the will of the …

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The government inspectors

The list of state awards and other insignia and prowess of the new Minister of health Murashko: — medal “For assistance to drug control authorities”; — medal “For combat Commonwealth”; — medal “For merits before the Chechen Republic”; jubilee medal “45 years 3 the Department of the “P” SEB FSB …

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