Thursday , November 21 2019

“Faith is an individual treasure. Religion — danger”

Compatible with liberalism and Christianity? Response to Patriarch Kirill On the eve of Patriarch Kirill after the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and other politicians took up the criticism of liberalism. “The modern so-called liberal idea, it is, in my opinion, just exhausted themselves completely,” — said the summer of …

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Ukraine “on the brink of economic breakthrough”

The current ruling team there’s a cute habit, whose roots date back to its artistic past. Senior officials and politicians make statements not to describe or analyze reality, because once learned how to put words into striking phrases For some reason they still think that political art is a little …

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BQ Intense smartphone with infinite battery

To teach a modern smartphone to work very long time simply to equip it with quite capacious battery. Plays an important role and optimization of the firmware, but the iOS, in Android it has long been held. Large batteries dare to put not all manufacturers, and in the end the …

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