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Putin said supplies 70% of Russian citizens to the middle class

Путин заявил о принадлежности 70% граждан России к среднему классу

The President is advised not to compare the middle class in Russia and the countries of the West. His assessment of the head of state explained the methodology of the world Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in Russia, 70% of residents belong to the middle class. In an interview with TASS, he explained that proceeds from the world Bank methodology, according to which the middle class could be considered those people with an income one and a half times the minimum wage.

Putin recalled that the minimum wage in Russia is slightly more than 11 thousand rubles, and that means the middle class — people who get from about 17 thousand rubles. “we Have such a lot, surely more than 70%,” — said the head of state.

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The head of state agreed that “the middle class in each country is different,” but because it is impossible to compare situation in Russia with the standard of living in France, Germany or the United States. However, Putin stressed that the task of the authorities is to strengthen the middle class and increase its revenues.

There are various methods of definition of the middle class. For example, in last year’s report of the Higher school of Economics “the Russian middle class the focus of different theoretical approaches: the boundaries, composition and specificity of the” experts came to the conclusion that the middle class is 38% of Russians, and to its core can be attributed only 7% of the population. To him the author of the study ranked people who have subordinates at work, a vacation home or large savings.

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Swiss Bank Credit Suisse in 2015, suggested that the middle class can be attributed to those Russians whose income exceeds $18 million per year. Then these requirements are answered only 4% of citizens.


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