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Recommendations from the experts on how to survive the magnetic storms

Рекомендации специалистов, как пережить магнитные бури

Magnetic storms are able to make changes to the state of health of meteodependent not only people, but also healthy. In order to minimize the damage from magnetic storms on the body you need to listen to the advice of experts.

What is happening on the sun flash form powerful magnetic fluxes, which cause magnetic storms. The most sensitive to such manifestations of people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as with problems of the respiratory and musculoskeletal system. Make sure to check their health for the elderly, and pregnant women.

1. Drink a lot of pure water.

2. Eliminate this period, the consumption of alcohol.

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3. If you feel unwell, contact a doctor. Self-medication in this period, may be hazardous to health.

4. Clothes is better to wear natural fibers: linen, cotton.

5. In those days, doctors recommend to avoid physical exercise, you can even increase their volume.

6. Well established in the period of magnetic storms the burner with essential oils.

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