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Retailers predicted a growth in food prices until the end of the year

Ритейлеры спрогнозировали рост цен на продукты до конца года

Experts of the Association of retail companies have analyzed the situation on the market and predicted that the rise in price of food at the end of the year will not exceed the level of inflation and will amount to 3-3,5%. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

The rising cost of food will not be sharp, said the HSE. “The big retailers are aiming to keep the pricing policy and to keep the prices on the shelves. First of all it concerns the goods of first necessity”, — quotes the edition review retailers.

According to the HSE, in October–November due to seasonal factor will rise in the first place eggs, poultry meat and sugar. Experts explained that the price of sugar may increase in connection with growth of cost of raw materials, fuel costs, and increase production costs.

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The Deputy chief of Management of control APK the Federal antitrust service, Irina Epifanova told the newspaper that the prices of eggs, sugar and poultry meat previously declined compared to January 2019. “As the practice of previous years, during the new year hype possible seasonal increase in prices for these products, however, FAS does not see preconditions for significant growth”, — quotes its publication.

Earlier media reported that prices for dairy products could rise in November by 10% in connection with the launch along with the already existing labeling of certain types of finished milk products electronic certification. Rosselkhoznadzor has denied the information about the jump in prices.

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