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Rogue took a break for Black Friday

This great and sweet moment when “poor wallet” can afford “to push the boat out” more than usual, and to disrupt the alleged jackpot. Wild turns, fights, screaming and ora. The madness that takes hold as the poorest and the richest – “Black Friday”. The day when really all the polls go crazy. Whether it’s the battle for the new smartphone in the queue or the purchase of ten televisions for the price of three.

Нищеброды оторвались на "Черной пятнице"


How on such sales all of us fooled – we’ve heard a hundred times already. Before and after “Black Friday” in the network result in tons of information like who*Bali. Check the system is easy, you just have time to catch the real price of the product, so you do not buy into the supposedly huge discount.

About what it’s all psychological deception that invented the “greatest minds” if only to make us write everywhere and always.I’m not specifying about all sorts of psychological studies and articles on how society makes us buy what we don’t want or need. Without this we can live peacefully but all the falsely glamorous and rich society plays by different rules. And unfortunately, we buy into it, giving their tegeleriana money in a jiffy.

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Of course, to cut something really worthwhile can and should not deny. But I still doubt that all of those purchases that you made were worth the queue, flea market and even fights. Indeed, in the days of the “wild” sales regular, adequate and even in some places intelligent people turn into kupavinskoi cattle, which is ready to break for a 50% discount. Remember the battle for the vacant place in the subway at rush hour, and multiply in a couple of times. After all, no matter how clever and rich you are, you still will not will respond to wild outbursts of obscenities and rage of the poor cattle.


Нищеброды оторвались на "Черной пятнице"


And this “Black Friday” the amount of spending of Americans amounted to a record 7.4 billion dollars, and that’s just online purchases. Last year was 6.2 billion Average check in day to make, (by Russian standards) 10K. It seems not much and not too little, but how much of what was purchased – really necessary and useful, without which life is impossible?

Buy at half price hook for all: Jadranka or not. Buyers like a flock – sit in the locomotive with the same crazy people foaming from the mouth customers and we’re then to buy what you need and what not. “Not necessary, but useful” “With this phone I’ll be along”, “With these shadows I’m sexy”, “this coat will make cool pictures.”

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Oh, God, no. Buying it all, you still remain poor, uneducated and terrible, living your life among the same herd. Things and bells and whistles for half the price won’t make your life luxury, you look beautiful and higher status. Is junk I would buy books for half-price courses for retraining or tickets in the city of dreams to really change your life.

Нищеброды оторвались на "Черной пятнице"

But instead, on account of the remains of the penny house littered with junk, and satisfaction from shopping at half price disappeared at the same moment, when the discounts ended. Psychological trick to steal more money out of your pocket and all, and not some kind of amazing sale, participating in which you can “finally” buy what I wanted. When people sober up and stop to choke down the fact that they don’t need?

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