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Russia continues to destroy the dollar

Россия продолжает крушить доллар США

Russia follows a planned course of de-dollarization, dealing a blow to the us currency. Despite big talk of the U.S. Treasury, the state monthly carries significant economic losses. The reason for this lies in the declared trade war with China, and also in the anti-Russian sanctions.

So, by the end of last year Russia has reduced its investments in US bonds for $ 2 billion. Information about this has published the us Treasury. Now the volume of investments in short-term securities is – was 9.06 billion dollars, and in the long term – 3.75 billion

At the moment Russia got rid of of Treasury Treasury securities U.S. $ 80 billion and was eliminated from the list of 30 largest holders of us bonds.

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Despite the fact that China still remains the main holder of US securities, it also seriously reduced the amount of their investments. So, only one month at the end of 2018, the amount decreased by 17 billion dollars. While the PRC has no plans to slow down the pace of getting rid of us bonds.

Of course, all these actions are against the US economy could not remain a mere “zilch”, because the amount of U.S. debt rose by $ 2 trillion since the inauguration of the trump. Today the debt of the United States is 22 trillion. Despite the Grand promises of the President to pay the debt by the end of the second term, it is unlikely that this was destined to happen.

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At least that’s what is happening today in the U.S. events clearly demonstrate that the financial bubble has already given a noticeable fissure, so his explosion is only a matter of another error of Washington.

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