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Russians warned about a deadly epidemic from spreading in the country mosquitoes

Россиян предупредили о смертельной эпидемии из-за распространившихся в стране комаров

As it became known to the newspaper “Izvestia”, in Russia there is a growth of populations of mosquitoes that transmit deadly tropical diseases. Foci of proliferation is noted along the black sea coast of the country, the newspaper said, citing scientists.

As stated in the publication, experts have studied the spread on the black sea coast of Kuban insects. Scientists came to the conclusion that settled there, mosquitoes are carriers of dangerous tropical fevers. At the same time discovered two populations of these insects – mosquitoes of the species Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.

Representatives of the first type have bright white stripes on the back and white spots on the legs. Representatives of the second type can be distinguished by the spotted abdomen and black-and-white stripes on the legs. To us the insects arrived from Egypt and South-East Asia. The reason for the “relocation” scientists call global warming. Uninvited guests tolerate such dangerous viruses Dengue, Chikungunya, zika and yellow fever.

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It is noted that with this problem faced not only by our country. This same phenomenon is complaining and the Europeans.

“It’s a global problem when a tropical disease vectors, which in principle should not appear in the North, migrate to the region with suitable temperature conditions, the picture is similar in Europe,” the newspaper quoted one of the experts.

According to him, after three decades, the transmit dengue fever will spread even to Scandinavia. Widespread in the southern Russian regions mosquitoes have already been sent to Central Russia.

Researchers are advised to take the necessary to reduce the growth of the mosquito population action: remove loose debris and containers that can accumulate water.

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