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Save their own people!

Спасайте собственный народ!

Seven military transport planes with equipment, medicines, professionals (over 100 people) have already arrived in Italy. And this is only the first part of the Russian aid to the country that is a member of NATO. We, I mean Russia, as always great. Themselves with a bare ass, but everyone can help. No, no, you don’t think, I’m not a monster, not a monster and not a monster.

I sincerely sympathize with the Italians — ordinary people whose loved ones fell ill or died, those who, like millions of people in other countries, found themselves in an emergency situation. But it seems to me that the Italians have their own state and their own power, who needs to take care of his people, and that, again in my opinion, have far greater skills and resources than our representatives of government and state system.

In the end, unlike Russia, Italy part of the United family of European peoples in North antlanticheskogo block: she has someone to ask for help and from whom to wait for her. So why are we saving Italy, but not their own country? Whether not therefore, what castles, villas and vineyards of many of our high-level corruption are in this country, whose power is just as corrupt and riddled with mafia ties like ours?

Because I do not know that our President be received with Royal honors local mafia and corrupt politicians? Not due to the fact that in the event of any “trouble” it was in Italy that our current masters are planning to obtain a comfortable asylum and immunity — no, not from the virus — from justice, as in the time of Nazi criminals have received it in different countries?

I’m sorry, but you cannot get rid of these thoughts, seeing as your own, our country is falling off a cliff. May seem cynical, but it’s actually now a little worried about what is happening in Italy (again I will say why: because Italy has its own state power, the army, strategic partners, advantageous geopolitical situation and the economy — in many respects superior to the murdered Russian economy).

And actually, my today’s post is absolutely not about Italy. And not even about the coronavirus, which is still many people perceive as an excuse for endless jokes, memes and one-liners — or as an unplanned paid vacation.

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Alas, soon all of us will become not funny. And not because the death rate from coronavirus will exceed deaths from swine or avian flu, Ebola or any other “contagion” that ever happened in the history of the planet many times, including in the last 20 years. In the present case, the threat is not so much the virus itself, how the imposition of all those economic and political factors that came together at one point, and their consequences. In my opinion, the scale of the threat hanging over us is still not understood not only by most of the population of the country, but the people standing in power.

Meanwhile, already now in Russia is under threat of collapse, of death, of extinction are thousands of companies — representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. It’s all what we used and that was created by people who love their country, despite the absolutely predatory policy of the authorities. It is small and cozy restaurants and cafes — not just in the city centre, and in any area in almost any quarter.

This private bakeries and bakeries with delicious homemade bread. Is small shops walking distance. This Laundry and dry cleaning, fitness centers, yoga studios, dance and so on, this affordable master-classes and teaching Studio, is a favorite coffee shop, private kindergartens, it is a tour-industry is a small production… Thousands, tens of thousands of small and medium-sized business is on the verge of collapse activities, closure and bankruptcy. This means that will lose jobs across the country, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people.

Without a livelihood will remain and those who are fed and kept these people: children, mothers and fathers, the elderly — which our government does not pay a decent pension. On the background of the catastrophic fall of the ruble, the extremely low oil prices, which will not be able to withstand stunted and sitting on the oil “needle” the Russian economy — all this will have terrible consequences. Perhaps our country is on the verge of a major catastrophe, comparable to what Russia experienced in the years of revolution and civil war and during the great Patriotic war.

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Instead of having to save Italy and engage in other charity work, the Russian authorities must act urgently to save his people — as do the authorities of the United States, France and other countries. Need to do not how close to Moscow or to force people to sit at home waiting for the “home” of voting for amendments to the Constitution, and at least to develop and adopt urgent measures to support the population. Namely, release on time of a pandemic, and quarantine all segments of the population from utility payments in order to slow down the impoverishment of the people.

It is necessary to take restructuring measures and the temporary freezing of payments on loans, primarily mortgage — that people are not left without money and housing. You have to understand that big banks the state will help — but ordinary citizens who sit in bondage — to be thrown out on the street and doomed to extinction. In General, the government should consider credit Amnesty not only for individuals, but for all affected branches — at least for a year.

Our “liberal” head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that she is against aid in the form of direct payments to citizens of the Russian Federation, resorted to the power of many other countries in the current situation. We are, frankly, such a generosity on the part of Russian authorities ever expected. But do at least what is in your power.

Urgently adopt long overdue changes in tax regimes. Reduce VAT to at least 10 percent. Cancel different brand of predatory and excessive levies and taxes, the type of cadastral tax and land tax. At least at a time of crisis. And finally understand one simple thing. If you think that you already took the “Golden billion” and you don’t care what will happen to the population of Russia — that is nonsense.

Without Russia, its natural resources and its people — you are not wanted. And if you feel that you have received due to the limitless power, wealth will allow you to swim in any situation — you are wrong. Save the country and the people — differently you will be lost yourself.

Valery Rashkin, a state Duma Deputy

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