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A year ago, Business FM reported that the plant “Angstrem-T” for the production of microchips, one of the largest high-tech protracted Russia, on the verge of bankruptcy.

Ten years of construction, the site in Zelenograd, $ 1 billion line of credit from Vnesheconombank, industrial space, modern equipment, ekoposeleniy design… in June of this year, “Angstrom” at the St. Petersburg economic forum shows a silicon wafer, microcontrollers, memory chips and transistors. Stand visited by the Chairman of VEB.Of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov.

And this week the bankruptcy of the company now is officially. The procedure will be of a technical nature, because of financial problems, “Angstrom” has long been known. The claim about bankruptcy of the VEB filed in January, after the took 100% of the shares of “Angstrem” and demanded to return the debt. The lawsuit was joined by former Minister of communications Leonid Reiman, former the only beneficiary of “Angstrom”. The claim is estimated at nearly 4 billion rubles. How the plant came to this situation? The problems began 15 years ago, says CEO “the Trinity engineering center” Eugene Gorsky.

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Eugene Gorsky the Director of “the Trinity engineering center”

Beneficiary “Angstrom” Leonid Reiman explained the financial failure of the enterprise U.S. sanctions. In 2014, States restricted the export of dual-use technologies, and two years later “Angstrom” is included in the sanctions list Washington. Journalists pointed out that the plant was built too long — ten years instead of four. In microelectronics a huge time, technology has gone far ahead.

Namely, in order to catch up with overseas markets, “Angstrom” was created. By the beginning of the two thousandth was clear that Russia fully depends on the circuitry. Because of this, for example, next year Russia will not do the GLONASS satellites. “Angstrom” was intended somehow this giant gap to close. And, frankly, not in the sanctions was the case, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Engineering company “2K” Ivan Andrievsky.

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Ivan Andrievskiy the Chairman of Board of Directors of “Engineering company “2K”

Microchips, which are produced by “Angstrem”, can be used in processors, smart cards and electronic passports. The direction is promising, and Russia from the project just will not give up. Despite early financial setbacks, the operation of the plant admitted having “national importance”. The Ministry has developed a program of “Angstrom” by 2030, and as previously said Igor Shuvalov, the government will direct on support of the plant 21 billion. Funds — Federal, and risks on their return will be borne by the government.

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