Thursday , July 2 2020
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WADA – it’s a cult designed to destroy an honest sport

You don’t believe that WADA bunch of cultists, with the goal of killing a fair sport competitions, where the winners are determined through a fair fight? And for good reason. After all, what is a sect? In the classic sense is a group of people, separated from traditional religions and …

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Russian Champions in weightlifting caught on doping

Three athletes in Russia passed a positive doping test, said the international weightlifting Federation. We are talking about the Hope of Evstyukhina, Oleg Chen and David Bedjanyan. In August of 2019 they are also not allowed to compete because of violation of anti-doping rules. Evstyukhina — three-time world champion and …

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World sports now sports, and criminal business

The global hype associated with the suppression of coronavirus COVID-19, such as in the second plan moved the issues associated with international competition. But they have not disappeared. Moreover, after the peak of the pandemic will subside, we should expect the intensification of the struggle on the sports fronts. As …

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“That way he can only kill a fly”

Battle Vasily Utkin and Vladimir Solovyov – the world’s only sport that does not stop the pandemic. Even Dana white had to endure UFC 249, and the two are constantly entertaining us with new replicas. Utkin gives the reference punchy, but Solovyev moved on to real threats, and even showed …

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FIFA made the abolition of all the teams in 2020

According to the Vice-President of the organization Victor Montellano, the main problem resides in the difficulty of international communication in the context of pandemic Vice-President of the International football Federation (FIFA) Victor Montellano announced that all the matches of national teams, is scheduled for autumn this year may be cancelled …

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