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Subsidies of Russia to Belarus

Дотации России для Беларуси

My feed YouTube channel NTV helpful tossed the tenderloin, where Vladimir Putin answers a journalist’s question regarding the relationship between Belarus and Russia.

Several times revised the response of the President of Russia and do not understand.

Mr Putin says about subsidies to the Belarusian economy. Turning to help to define the concept of SUBSIDY, found that is (from lat. dotatio gift, donation): In the Russian legislation, the intergovernmental transfers provided on a gratuitous and irrevocable basis without establishing directions and (or) conditions of use.

And I can’t remember that Russia ever provided to the GRANTS as gifts, DONATIONS to Belarus.

Even in the Soviet period Byelorussian SSR the only Union republics had consumed one and a half times less than was given in the Union budget.

Дотации России для Беларуси

If you look at the trade balance in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union he was always in favor of Russia five billion dollars a year. And in the last year amounted to more than nine billion dollars.

Дотации России для Беларуси

It turns out that Russia receives every year billions of dollars in income due to the work of the Belarusians. It is due to the hard work, to pay for gas, oil, metals, and components of the Belarusian industry producing MAZ, BelAZ, tractors “Belarus”, milk, cheese, clothes, shoes, gasoline to sell it for currency and then buy everything in Russia is necessary for the existence of the economy.

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And subsidies (grant aid) just get other countries, such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and other former allies and republics of the USSR. So the EU aligns standard of living in the entity. While these countries have fully opened access to EU territory for their goods and services.

Дотации России для Беларуси

Russia is every day, then closes, then opens the supply of goods from Belarusian companies to its market. At the same time under the ban can get hundreds of plants and factories.

I want to remind you that Poland has not adopted the Euro, retaining the zloty, as other EU countries that kept their national currency.

It seems that for the people of Poland, the EU is more preferable as an ally than Russia for Belarus. No matter whether the standard of living in Poland is higher than in Belarus? And Belarusians are beginning to send their children to the Polish language courses?

I think that with the subsidies, we understand

Now let’s deal with energy prices, which are supposed to Belarusian people is lower than for the German burgher.

Need I remind you about the fact that the Byelorussian SSR is more than all other republics have suffered from German Nazism and was the donor of the budget of the Union, as is now the Republic of Belarus brings an income to the Russian budget billions of dollars a year.

More interesting, namely, that oil and gas from Russia and Africa to EU countries get absolutely free. Because, according to Russian economists the Euro as the dollar, backed by nothing except the level of consumption.

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By the way, because Libya was destroyed, Gaddafi killed because he United Africa and demanded for the natural resources of this continent are not glass beads (dollar and Euro) and gold.

This means that the heirs of veterans of the Reich Russia’s natural resources shakes are not just cheaper than it is for the Belarusian people, and just gives. That is a direct SUBSIDY of the EU economy.

By the way, the European Union, which in essence is the bulwark of NATO, which Russia allegedly is in conflict, at the same time tucking the NATO tanks and planes.

Not only that, the currency that Russia gets from the sale of oil and gas of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation returns to buyers, folding it at a symbolic interest in banks in Germany, France, USA and other NATO countries.

Дотации России для Беларуси

It is logical to assume that Russia is double-Dating the collective West, sending back natural resources and leaving behind the currency.

As for Belarus, it would be honest to admit that Russia is corny operates the Belarusian people, earning billions of dollars a year due to the work of the Belarusians. And the Union state of Russia you only need to make this operation more efficient…

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