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The haloperidol I’m not a consumer

Durkee I was lying twice. Once at the recruiting medical examination of young beautiful woman psychiatrist, upon hearing that I voluntarily want to go to the army, said, “what are you, stupid?” and sent me out to pick on the article “5B” in the seventeenth narcological hospital. Mow I did …

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Expert: decline in Sberbank rates on consumer credits — alarm

The decline in Sberbank rates on consumer loans indicates a decrease in the income of the population and can lead to social explosion. This view of the “Rosbalt” was expressed by the Chairman of Arbitration court of arbitration of Moscow Alexey Kravtsov. In his opinion, such “opportunities of advertising of …

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Golodets declared the disaster in the consumer market

Russian producers groan: “What would we not made – virtually impossible to sell” VIP-the official has complained about rampant nischebrodstvo in the country. In her opinion, to blame the impoverished population – that it hinders economic development of the country. Russians for the most part involved in low productivity work, …

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Weakening consumer demand creates the risk of deflation

  Weakening consumer demand creates a risk of deflation, which would depress the Russian economy, says an economic analyst with Bloomberg’s Anna Andrianova This is the case, when I come up with “John’s day’s” most Russians. The longest in two decades in Russia the recession has destroyed consumer demand. The …

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The consumer confidence index in Russia fell below the Bulgarian

All components of the consumer confidence index are in deep negative territory, reflecting the adequacy of Russian society and its assessment of the liberal socio-economic policies of government. The main question that would ask most of the people I interviewed Putin, sounded approximately so: “When you are finished with it …

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