Tuesday , September 17 2019
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The main problem of late Putinism

Don’t know what to call today’s time, call it conditionally late Putinism. His main problem is, unfortunately, not in the present and in the future. Like it or not, and in front of us inevitably will be a difficult and painful transformation of a system is a matter of timing, …

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The problem is not in the article, and judges

As soon as he slept with the hype around the case Golunova, Putin played back normal, they say, article. (And how many leaks about 12 June, it’s going to soften.) But I do not know, everything is clear. What is more important. The problem of low doses and the problem …

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As when buying to recognize the “problem” car

What car is not worth buying.The first thing you should pay attention when buying a car – documents. This is a very important point. With the help of special service, you can know the real number owners. In addition, using these documents, the buyer can check the car database on …

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