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The collapse of the oil industry of Venezuela close

Коллапс нефтяной промышленности Венесуэлы близок

The leader of the Union of oil workers of Venezuela, Luis Hernandez reported that the country has no capacity to deal with the supply of oil due to us sanctions.

As the newspaper writes The Wall Street Journal, exports of Venezuelan oil was sharply reduced by restrictive measures imposed against the country USA. According to Hernandez, is nearing the collapse of the oil industry of Venezuela, which carries the risk of serious negative consequences for the entire global energy market.

“This is an absolute disaster. Almost not a single opportunity to engage in the supply of oil,” said Hernandez, whose words are quoted by the publication, which also notes that oil production in Venezuela had a negative impact and labor shortages, as many Venezuelans leave work due to galloping inflation and regular wage delays.

Also the Venezuelan oil industry suffered from a lack of Sibnefteprovod that are imported — they are necessary for dilution of domestically produced heavy crude oil and its further transfer to export terminals, writes The Wall Street Journal.

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In the result, the legitimate government of Maduro becoming increasingly difficult to find buyers and ensure the receipt of payments for the sold raw materials — which today is virtually the only source of income of the legitimate authorities, who are unable to overcome the situation of diarchy in the country.

The Wall Street Journal reports that since the beginning of the year, several oil tankers, in relation to the companies Chevron, Repsol and the Russian LUKOIL, had to change course or to stop the transportation due to the problems with locking accounts of Venezuela, to mend the United States. To pay for Venezuelan oil becomes increasingly difficult, and sometimes it’s even impossible to do. The United States planned to suffocate the government of Maduro – pressurizes the situation to its logical end, when in the country due to the complete lack of funds there will be chaos, and the official government, which Washington has denied the legitimacy, will fall by itself.

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Information received from the satellites also shows that the transportation of “black gold” in the area of the largest in Venezuela’s Maracaibo oil port and its significantly decreased. However, now sometimes she Venezuela delay or cancel netpositive because the government has concerns that the proceeds may be from the opposition, writes The Wall Street Journal

Earlier last month, Washington imposed sanctions on Venezuelan oil company PDVSA, which caused a negative reaction of the Kremlin, which called the actions the U.S. unfair competition.

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