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The decision to improve the health of citizens

Принято решение укреплять здоровье горожан

In early summer, before the authorities of this city strongly raised the issue of providing relaxation and comfort of citizens and tourists.

Representatives of the cultural community even put before the “people’s pranyama” the question of the allocation of running tracks in the parks for sunbathers.

The case is needed. Citizens ‘ health must be strengthened. Moreover, for the city budget it will cost nothing.

However, the “public pryaniki” decided first person to study the matter on the ground. Taken off their coats and roll up our boxers, they went for a walk in a favorite place of citizens – the Golden Forest.

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They say they liked it. Now, as an experiment, the possibility to sunbathe during the run will be provided not only in the Golden forest, but Dollarscom highway.

If the experiment is a success, it will be possible to consider extending its use in all city parks, and popular with visitors girls highway, to the delight of lovers of beautiful bodies and healthy lifestyles.


Sergey Paliy.


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