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The developers of Tower of Time has announced a new non-linear RPG Dark Envoy

Разработчики Tower of Time анонсировали новую нелинейную RPG Dark Envoy

The creators have released a release trailer.

Event Horizon Studio, creators of role-playing Tower of Time, announced their new RPG game called Dark Envoy. In honor of this event, the creators have released a release trailer.

Dark Envoy — fantasy RPG with turn-based tactical battles and elements of steampunk. When developing a game Studio were inspired by the series Dragon Age and Mass Effect, XCOM, and Divinity. The story project tells the story of the people of the Empire, fighting for dominance over the territories once great, but fading ancient races. In this war, technology will face the magic, and the battle for influence will absorb all the local world.

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The main characters Kayla and Kairos are trying to fix the air Shuttle their parents to travel the world and find their place in it. The celestial ship will be the base of the player and it will improve. The gamer and the characters have to explore how pre-established plot locations and randomly generated dungeons. The latter will appreciate the treasure, but they have to fight in turn-based battles. The game will have a singleplayer mode and co-op.

Fantasy steampunk RPG Dark Envoy will be released in 2020, but the exact date, the creators are not yet known. Among the listed platforms are PC (Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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