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The dollar at 100: Russian industry is preparing for complete collapse

Доллар по 100: российская промышленность готовится к полнейшему краху

The Russian ruble has set a new record and continues to fall.

Critical situation with the spread of the virus COVID-19, Western sanctions and a disastrous fall in oil prices lead to very serious blow to Russian industry and economy. According to a statement by German Gref, the Russian economy should prepare for the dollar’s value in 100 roubles, and already this morning the Russian ruble set a new record, falling almost to 77 rubles.

According to experts, if the oil price will continue to fall, and given the current situation, it looks more than realistic, such as the Russian aviation industry, aircraft, helicopter, military industry, etc., will suffer complete collapse.

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Currently, very serious problems are faced by the Russian civil aviation, due to the cancellation of a large number of flights in connection with the situation with the spread of the coronavirus. The carriers are suffering huge losses, and taking into account the fact that the fall in oil prices, as shown by the experience of previous years, the cost of tickets will rise, this will lead to the fact that passenger traffic in certain areas will be reduced significantly.

“It is obvious that Russia can not abandon such currencies as the dollar and the Euro, because today is world major currencies, which are to be calculated. Should we expect that the dollar will be worth $ 100? At current trends it is obvious”, – said the expert.
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