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The end of the Russian economy. Close

Конец российской экономики. Уже близко

Read the decrees, decisions and orders, and pass to a sad conclusion: it is not power, what in Russia. A gathering of some priblatnennoy punks, bad understanding of how to save the country was in a critical situation. To prehispanic windfall from oil and gas they can steal learned more than all the world, to beat them with batons all who disagree with their orders and act “by the rules” — please, but no matter what clever and creative they are, alas, can not.

Look how the power in democratic countries. Where it turnover, controlled by the people and the Law. Yes, there is impose strict quarantine measures, freezing of economic life, even administered in some regions curfews. Tough? Of course. However, with this the government is actively and conscientiously helps people and businesses. You’re sitting in quarantine? Here’s FROM the STATE(!) allowance ($1000 adult and 500 per child, USA), here’s to you — 80% of salary (UK). Here’s the release from the rent, the utilities, free medicines and food. Here is a free mask sanitiser. Here vacation by payments, credits, fees, taxes.

But there is, in democratic countries, governments understand that freeing people from of payments, payments, interest, etc., it is necessary to create MECHANISMS of COMPENSATION of LOSSES of the entire economy. Therefore, they are at the EXPENSE of state reserves to support banks, trade, tourism, transportation and RELEASE at this time service businesses FROM TAXES AND FEES, from reserves to compensate the loss of other industries to avoid economic collapse. 2 trillion throw for these purposes the U.S., hundreds of billions, the EU, Japan and other countries. For example, poor Bulgaria receives from the EU 1 billion euros to overcome the crisis period: this is European solidarity. And believe me, the democratic world is the first to deal with the crisis virus, etc. infection, very quickly recover going forward.

And our irremovable leaders? First, spawn a new repression. “Mad printer” (the state Duma) passed a bunch of restrictions, among them the law: up to 7 years in prison for violations of quarantine (with negative consequences for people). A larger mind is not enough. Second, it introduced “under the guise of” new taxes!!! On income from deposits, in fact is not income, and compensation for inflation. Anyone in the world it even did not occur, and we have not had a President to open his mouth, as the lackeys ran ahead of the train! To finish off the remnants of the “middle class” to equalize all its members to a symbolic 17 thousand/month, according to “the precepts of Vladisllavovich”. And another tax of 15% on the transfer of any money of the Russians abroad. And half — relatives in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Tens of thousands of Russian pensioners, for example, massively went to live by the sea in Bulgaria, Montenegro, etc. (everything is cheaper), his retirement to the transfer. And treatment, surgery, support to children who study there? Now we must pay 15% of the state, spawn in its history of more than just billionaires of the court “businessmen” and officials.

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But the most outrageous is categorical (to stupidity) the judgements and decisions of our officers bosses: all workers to send for the holidays, all 65-year-old to sit at home (and if he works to feed his family?!), close businesses, etc. and for whose account this Banquet, too shy to ask? In the regulations, decrees, and orders of this no GU-GU! COMPENSATORY MEASURES? Never heard of it. Who is going to pay on vacation pay? Where is the liberation of citizens and businesses from taxes, Bank loans (leveraged whole country!), payments for energy, heat? How to survive companies? In regulations — only demonstration of the insane “political will”: to close, to forbid, to restrict, to control and to punish, punish, punish. More than anything the authorities do not know how. In the best case, somewhere the word DELAY. That is, to pay double later. But not for VAT. And the money, do you know. the bosses, how to take, and not just for VAT but also taxes on land, property, credit payments?! This is why I believe that our government acts as yard punks: to scare away, and there though the grass not to grow. In short, ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the worst!

Thousands of businesses in each region will be closed, but the quarantine on 5 April is not over, believe me. Just the epidemic take its toll. Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized business with such government policy will never open again: just die, will go bankrupt. Because there is no “fat”, i.e. the factor of safety of the Russian nepremenova business there. Millions of people will not receive salaries, millions will lose jobs. When the end of quarantine, the completely impoverished people do not have money in the shops and enterprises revenue, the budget for taxes. Further problems arise with the payment of pensions, allowances, salaries to security forces and all other state employees. This condition will continue for a long time, because to start the flywheel of CONSUMPTION is much harder than to stop him. Perhaps the Central Bank will have to print money, but that is some serious inflation beating in the first place, the most vulnerable groups of the population. They barely survive… In overcoming the crisis consumption Russia could help expensive oil and gas, but judging by the just the beginning of the oil war with OPEC, we also did not face.

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Does Russia have reserves to prevent an economic collapse? Yes, and large. We are among those countries that have them. Not as much as the US, China, Norway, or Saudi Arabia, but more than many other countries. However, I am confident that these reserves will be continuously pulled down mercilessly corrupt bureaucrats (to whom war, to whom mother is native!) and foolishly burnt to the current item without achieving any result. Just because the current government has other priorities. For example, begin to fork out billions of dollars in the artificial maintenance of the exchange rate, in order not to upset the Sun-the real rate of impoverishment of the population. This is already happening: the Central Bank last week “burned” on the exchange more than $ 700 million for these purposes, and this is only the beginning! Or start a support corporations that are terribly inefficient, but the food “who should be”. That’s it — tax exemption, their benefits and privileges. This, too, will spend a huge budget money. After all, there are “kinky” means the failure of the “trash reform”?! Just there — your people, and they get the money!

What do the citizens of Russia in this crisis?! First, and most importantly, to demand from the government that the reserves of the state went into direct support of the people and the real economy. In the form of salaries, benefits, exemptions from duties and taxes. Require to keep afloat small and medium business: it creates large number of jobs. Immediately and drastically reduce government spending on officials, their offices, cars, travel, etc., on the insane state-holidays, projects, and luxury. To reduce the price of gasoline (excise), to make free Parking for those who are forced every day to go to work. For example, in Eastern Europe with roads removed all the “cops” that they a)were not infected and b)not annoying drivers. You can find thousands of techniques and methods to save and maintain the country and the people in this acute crisis phase. You just need to not think about the welfare of the cooperative “Lake” and the court billionaires, and about Russia and the people inhabiting it.

But to be honest I have against the current government no illusions. And for a long time. Therefore very important is mutual support, solidarity, respect to each other. The rescue of drowning in Russia again declared the handiwork of drowning (Ilf and Petrov). So just help each other, support than you can, is very important now. And take care of your health! It will help us all to survive any crisis!

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