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The experience will be — more than enough

Опыта будет — хоть отбавляй

The decision to send military epidemiologists in Italy, as is usual in present-day Russia, the real situation and needs of Russia are not even distant relations. Propaganda, as usual, cheered and began to Balk at the humanitarian aspect and the need for exercises and training, the acquisition of experience. Well, other nonsense.

Another week — and experience in domestic spaces is rife. To put it anywhere. Week, another, still we have is the time allotted us to prepare for the epidemic. But while the training is not heard — in any case, if it is, it is conducted strictly according to the method of “cunning plans”. All know about it, but no one ever sees. Something like “Syrian doctrine”. Can learn the pilots bombing civilians and civilian objects — hard to say. Only to bomb the civilian population — and what else?

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This is already clear in the experience of all other countries, and that existing hospitals do not have enough, and at once. Now you need to prepare the room for admission. To conduct large-scale mobilization of all the physicians and all medical staff, including departmental and retired. In Italy and Spain is the shortage of doctors has led to the fact that patients are sorted, as on the battlefield — leaving those whose chances are great, but serious patients are simply sent to the houses, so as to save one heavy means that three to five is relatively easy to provide help will not work.

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Quarantine involves the closure of schools, offices, shopping centres — that they are areas where you can prepare the reception of patients and potential patients. To create the filtering system. Every 100 new beds mean coverage of more than 10 thousand people in the surrounding urban neighborhoods.

However, the government is interested in “less panic”. But because of the obvious activities will be carried out when everything is already going to happen. And to demonstrate concern, send to Italy a few boards that would be of little help to the Italians, and certainly will not help here.

All as always.

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