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The “FLOWERS”. 50 years behind

«ЦВЕТЫ». 50 лет за спиной

In 1969, the world stood in a daze, because the Americans landed on the moon. Then the same American astronaut Armstrong made that first small step, which was a huge step in space exploration.

And we at this time engaged in a completely different place.
I then graduated from the Suvorov military school and enrolled in’yaz. Before that I had a group of “Politburo” — with the hooligan name. And Inyasha I was accepted into the group “Flare”, where he played lead guitar. It was already known as a student group.

And when they have just this year was going to be released, so the band broke up — I decided to make my band… LISTEN

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«ЦВЕТЫ». 50 лет за спиной1970. Stas Namin:

In 1970 was the last concert of the Beatles. This is the last time they were together.

Beatles for us then it was something separate. It was not just some band that played and sang. It was a huge world that covered us all together — everyone involved in rock music and not doing. We thought about it, we sang all the time, listening from morning till night. And of course, we knew that last Beatles concert that year. Because the “iron curtain” did not miss any information. Hard, late something came to us.

I then wrote a Vocalise, a song even difficult to call, because there are no words…

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