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The majority of Russians called reduction of packaging products consumer fraud

Большинство россиян назвали уменьшение упаковки продуктов обманом потребителей

The majority — 65% interrogated VTSIOM Russians believe that the decrease in packing of the products — is cheating customers. Overall, 72% said that over the past 5 years, the mass and volume of packaging products decreased and the prices either remained the same or went up. The situation is annoying, 60% of respondents. Another 14% admitted that they did not notice change product packaging, and 4% in packages of fewer product, but prices fell.

74% said that reducing packaging was invented by the producers, and 38% — this is underpinned by commercial enterprises. 42% indicated that information about the weight or volume of the product is not always easy to find on the packaging. 29% it was easy to find such data on the packaging, 26% rather not easy. 66% said that this information on the package, it is necessary to emphasize, 29% believe that it is not necessary to change anything.

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We will remind, earlier it was reported that in recent years manufacturers have reduced the size of packaging at 7-20%. The price is either left unchanged, or slightly reduced.

The poll was proveen 3 August among 1,600 people on the phone.

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