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The new pricing mechanism for gold in China and Russia will be a blow for the US economy.

Новый механизм ценообразования на золото России и Китая станет ударом для экономики США.

The American edition Thedailycoin described the current situation in the world economy. According to analysts, Russia and China may use a new pricing mechanism for gold, and then “dictating their own rules,” States may be irrelevant.

Russia and China have all the opportunities to strike the US “gold strike” and at the same time, make them a “nasty surprise”. This will be possible thanks to the implementation of the new pricing mechanism for the appropriate precious metal, writes Thedailycoin. Analysts believe that the global gold market already pereimenovaniya thanks to the actions of Moscow, Beijing, and other “players”. In particular, recently, for trading physical gold was opened Shanghai stock exchange. The Russian Federation has also started selling futures on the precious metal on the Moscow exchange. This process was later joined by India and the UAE.

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Russia and China started to “change” the economic situation on the background of General fatigue gold producers from the dictatorship of the international pricing, which is determined by artificial trade environment and almost not related to physical markets. If soon there will be a new mechanism for the formation of prices under the control of the Shanghai stock exchange, Moscow and Beijing will be able to “knock the gold chair” from the United States.

First, under the blow fall of Chicago Mercantile exchange Inc COMEX and certain banks that use U.S. currency . In addition, the Russian-Chinese system will cause the gradual withdrawal of many countries from the international gold standard, currently defined by the American dollar, concludes Thedailycoin. Mainly, in case of realization of such a negative for the Washington scenario, the importance is to represent not the gap dependence of the formation of the price of gold from the dollar, namely the processes in the world economy that will be associated with the increased trend of de-dollarization.

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Earlier, the American economist Byron king has warned of the danger of Russia’s international reserves for the United States. In his opinion, Moscow will be able at any time to use this “weapon” against Washington. …

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