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The outcome is obvious, only the timing is unclear

Исход очевиден, неясны лишь сроки

Yesterday in Venezuela were filed proof of supplying weapons to protesters from the United States, which was intercepted at the port.

All the weapons fit on two tables, and were distinguished by heterogeneity and different-sized. But not solidity.

Apparently, customs officers intercepted a shipment destined local mafia group, as well as the fight against crime is now less relevant than the fight against the protesters by the people, it was voiced a little different recipient. Given the fact that more massive arms deliveries could not be established, you have to use something.

The situation in the country is deteriorating rapidly, but the main events seem rescheduled for February 12, the day a new mass protest. On this day the probability is that the army and police will be forced to define its position towards the regime and the protesters, the regime is blocking delivery of food aid, and domestic reserves are rapidly depleted.

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It is a possible scenario, which brought down the Eastern bloc countries in Europe, when the masses of people in countries of the Soviet bloc, out on the street, unleashed his demoralized regimes, and the destruction of the Berlin wall became a symbol of the downfall of the entire block. Maduro has now given a symbol in the form of blocked and blocked roads on the border with Colombia, through which can not pass humanitarian aid.

The destruction of these barricades can be broken, and very symbolic, after which the events will be irreversible. Just inaction or, on the contrary, the actions of the military unable to launch a process. The army varies significantly, most of the photos from Venezuela’s main actions are taken by the security police, the military prefer to keep in the barracks and participate in photo shoots Maduro, which demonstrates the unity of the army and the mafia.

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Both sides of the conflict while preparing for a new round of confrontation, the outcome of which is quite obvious, only the timing is unclear.

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