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The President of Abkhazia has chosen the opposition

Президентом Абхазии выбрали оппозиционера

Central electoral Commission of Abkhazia announced the Bzhaniya the winner in the presidential election.

The former leader of the opposition has gained about 56% of the votes in the first round

Moscow. March 23. INTERFAX.RU IN Abkhazia the opposition leader, Deputy of the Parliament of the unrecognized Republic Aslan Bzhania won the repeated presidential elections, gaining just more than 56% of the vote. This was reported by the CEC of the Republic. The counting of ballots at the elections completed.

Former economy Minister Adgur Ardzinba received of 35.40% of the vote, former interior Minister Leonid dzyapshba has a little more than 2%.

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The winner on elections the candidate who garnered the first round more than half the votes. Ardzinba on Sunday congratulated the Bzhaniya’s election.

Previous presidential elections were held in Abkhazia in September, their second round was won by then-President Raul Khajimba. Bzhania wanted to participate in them, but in April 2019 he deteriorated state of health, he was sent for treatment to Moscow and in June in Germany. The opposition claimed that the Bzhaniya was poisoned to prevent his participation in the elections.

The results of the presidential elections, the opposition did not recognize. The constitutional court of Abkhazia recognized the elections were not held. In January 2020 summit amid protests of the opposition has resigned the President and CEC of Abkhazia has appointed the repeated presidential election on March 22.

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In early March, Bzhania was in the hospital of Krasnodar, while returning from Moscow to Sukhum. Presumably, his illness caused by the side effects of some medications. The doctors put him in a medically induced coma.

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