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The state Duma has allowed to shoot animals in enclosures

Госдума разрешила расстреливать животных в вольерах

The state Duma legalized hunting in semi-free conditions.

MOSCOW, February 11. /TASS/. The state Duma plenary session on Tuesday adopted in the third final reading the law that allows hunting in semi-free conditions and artificially created habitat.

The law on hunting and preservation of hunting resources is supplemented by a provision according to which the so-called captive hunting is allowed with permits, that is the document, “confirming the conclusion of the contract on rendering of services in sphere of the hunting economy”. The bill defines the status of the hunting resources contained in semi-free conditions, the reasons and features of their use, including in the implementation of Amateur and sport hunting. The Ministry of natural resources shall be empowered to impose restrictions of Amateur and sport hunting in semi-free conditions and to establish requirements for the size of the objects of hunting infrastructure depending on the species and their populations.

“The bill gives a start to the development of a new branch of the hunting economy. An analogy can be drawn with aquaculture. We are talking about activities that can significantly reduce the pressure on wildlife and to help restore wildlife populations,” said the Chairman of the Committee on natural resources, property and land relations Nikolay Nikolaev, presenting the initiative.

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According to one of the authors of the bill, first Deputy Chairman of the relevant Committee Nikolai Valuev, the document is primarily economic focus. “This measure will help to increase the attractiveness of this field and hunting economy on the example of farms in the other countries of Europe, Africa, North and South America,” – said the MP.

Killing for fun

However, 100 deputies from the three opposition factions voted against the document. Communist Oleg Lebedev referred to the protests of animal rights activists. “They believe the document is a substitution of concepts. Instead of the traditional hunting us trying to throw some unnatural entertainment, directed, in fact, killing animals for fun”, he said. In his opinion, the adoption of the law will negate the recent efforts of parliamentarians for the protection of animals.

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According to spywares Oleg Shein, a document of the de-facto legalizes the shooting of animals kept in semi-free conditions. “And the size of the enclosure, the law does not directly specified, so this is a de facto limited the paddock,” he explained. “This law is not about hunting, but about the breeding and slaughtering, – said Shein. – For people who just like to kill other living”.

The Deputy from LDPR Andrey Andreichenko sure hunting in semi-free conditions has nothing to do with sports. “No stalking, harassment of animals here is not happening,” he said. In this animal, drew attention the MP, has no chance of survival. “Rather, we’re talking about murder, slaughter” – summed up Andreichenko.

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