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The state is obliged to compensate the losses

Государство обязано компенсировать людям убытки

The state, on the most General level of abstraction, it is a political institution created by society to solve problems that cannot be effectively addressed individually from universal basic education to national security. Epidemic — a typical example of such problems. Therefore, the state must dedicate all its efforts not only on the immediate fight the virus (it’s obvious), but also on alleviating the plight of those who suffered from the incident, including the measures to combat the epidemic.

Thousands of people were left without jobs (and will lose it, probably hundreds of thousands or millions), lots of enterprises go bankrupt, the economic damage will be huge, but not uniform. More hurt the poor who have no savings, self-employed, private sector (services, tourism, restaurants, etc.).

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The state as the General Fund — should as far as possible to compensate for these losses. If you force people to stay home, compensate their salaries from the budget (or pay a basic income if they had no official salary). If you close the cinemas, pay for their rent for the downtime. If school is closed, provide the guide for one of the parents who will sit with children. Otherwise it’s just shifting costs to private businesses and individuals, no fault which epidemic there.

A lot of money, but for the sake of this not afraid to get into the military budget (he’s huge, and after the pandemic throughout the world will not be to the development of armaments), in the Fund, to postpone or to close a lower priority program to sell the already overgrown state assets.

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Unfortunately, instead, we again hear the other conversations: about the new criminal charges, prohibitions, strengthening of surveillance. Themselves “statesmen” do not understand why the state exists.

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