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The Swedish way — seductive and inaccessible

Шведский путь — соблазнительный и недоступный

In the European Union there was only one country that refused to tear down the achievements of “developed capitalism” because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Now a lot of talk, they say, look, the whole of Europe for a long time sitting at home, and in Sweden, children are still going to school and sitting in restaurants visitors. Their that the virus does not take, or Swedes so careless? Actually, all not absolutely so. Official Stockholm, contrary to popular belief, did not refuse completely from quarantine. He only seeks to inflict minimal damage to the national economy.

In particular, from March 19, the country closed its border, however, in a relatively liberal regime, if you compare, say, the Czech Republic, which adopted this same rate three days before. Swedish restrictions relate to those arriving from countries outside the European Union and the European economic community, as well as from Switzerland. But they will not affect the citizens of Sweden, people living permanently in the country, as well as diplomats, nurses, and persons delivering goods. Finally, it will be possible to enter the country due to urgent family circumstances. So that the family remains the priority.

In addition, in the country from March 18 online switched schools. The Swedes are also not recommended to move around the country without a specific purpose.

But no hard limit is not introduced, no penalties. The format of the quarantine is voluntary — approximately the same as in the UK, where the authorities waited until the last minute and went to this step is almost the last in the EU on the eve it became known that the coronavirus surprised even Prime Minister Boris Johnson and British Minister of health.

However, the British medicine is not considered a world standard of quality. It is known that wealthy Englishmen loved to go to be treated on the continent. Sweden — the example of “capitalist socialism”, developed society, which the last decade has invested heavily in the social sector. And, probably, proceeding from this, the Swedes chose their model the epidemic. They expect that their health system will cope, and also based on the fact that the population density in Sweden is lower than in Italy.

It really is — lives in Sweden just over 10.1 million people. This allows you to compare it with the Czech Republic, where about 10.5 million of the Country began to fight with the epidemic a few days. In the Czech Republic while the quarantine is tough enough, at least in theory. Citizens can leave the house for work in the shop, the post office, or for some urgent business, and also to walk their dogs or themselves and their children. Definitely wearing medical masks, and at first the government demanded that the people in them were even in their own cars.

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While in the Czech Republic tested for coronavirus “on request”. To you checked, you must receive the direction from the station or the attending physician. To assemble, except for work prohibited more than two. Closed almost all trade except food. Schools and universities should teach online.

Given that these measures are: the Czech Republic has made more than 55 thousand tests identified more than 3,300 infected, already have 45 recovered and, finally, 32 people died from COVID-19.

In Sweden only recently banned meetings of more than 50 people. While there has liberalized rules for getting sick, and even with mild common cold symptoms is highly recommended not to leave the house — but not prohibit, especially under the threat of a fine. To test all in a row, the Swedish doctors did not concentrate on the “problematic” populations — persons of older age and with chronic diseases.

Unlike the Czech Republic, free bars, restaurants and hotels. According to the local chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnelia, this tactic was chosen to preserve the mental and physical health.

What is the result? On April 1 in Sweden, there were 4947 cases of infection with coronavirus, recovered 16, and died 239 people.

Despite all the efforts to keep the economy in Sweden as in other EU countries, already heard the first of the bankruptcy petition. For example, according to the Swedish company for business and lending to UC, the number of bankruptcies in the restaurant and hotel sectors increased in March by 123% when compared with last year. In the transport sector also saw a significant jump of 105%. Continue experts expect a blow to the Swedish banks and rental companies, who will have to negotiate about debt relief and security firms.

Thus, it is possible to say that the Swedish version doesn’t look dramatically worse from a medical point of view, but not noticeably better for the economy. Though I’m sure people are still psychologically feel more comfortable when it is not necessary for weeks of being cooped up and you are not afraid of the threat to be ruined because of the huge fines, like those, for example, that approved on the eve of the Russian state Duma. Yes and Sweden is clearly not such a great number of divorces and growth of domestic violence, which already talk (no exact data) in Italy, China or the Czech Republic.

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However, no clear answer to the main question — do not fall if Sweden in the depths of the epidemic because of a sharp rise in the number of patients, such as Italy or the UK. And then the Swedes will still have to go to hard limiting, but this step will be a forced necessity, not a sound measure with which to get ahead of the epidemic.

Yet, according to reports, the Nordic coldness and distance, as well as a large dispersed population in Sweden is enough to do persuasion and recommendations. Especially when you consider that the average life expectancy in very well in Sweden is markedly higher than in the same the post-socialist Czech Republic.

In fact, this difference is fundamental. Maybe, Sweden will be able to survive the current epidemic without imposing severe quarantine. It is not excluded that the economy will suffer less than many others. But in order to be in this privileged position, it is necessary to be Sweden. It is not the first time in a special position — when the Second world war was raging across Europe, the Swedes maintained a formally neutral status. When they have accumulated resources for the construction of his “Scandinavian socialism”, the hallmark of which in recent decades has been investing not only in the army (which in Sweden is strong enough), but also in modern medicine.

So even for such appearance prosperous countries like the UK or the Czech Republic, the Swedish way of dealing with the epidemic was initially closed. The British spent less on medicine, and the Czechs do have to get out in the framework of the catching-up of post-socialist economy.

As for Russia, where investment in medicine has declined steadily the last decade, it is in this context and does not speak. For her, Sweden perhaps that could be an example for the distant future.

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