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The therapeutic effect of medications is quite possible to replace carefree laughter

Лечебный эффект от медицинских препаратов вполне можно заменить беззаботным смехом

It turns out that a carefree hearty laugh can cure many ailments. Laughter therapy is used in many famous hospitals. Yes, and clowns are often invited to (medical appointments) in the chamber of the sick, including children. It is scientifically proven that the effects of laughter is beneficial for the body, and the physiological and chemical level.

Experts suggest to remember about the benefits of laughter and to remember it only being in a hospital bed. Laughter is good, and in every man’s life he needs to attend. But some of us are unable for the whole day so never and not to smile.

If someone with a lighthearted and sincere laughter in your life problems is to solve them, and the sooner the better. If someone loves to read and listen to jokes, they can be easily download online.

Such “doping” need to have always at hand, and as soon as things are bad again and my heart was sad – to read or listen to the downloaded information and a good laugh. They say it actually helps: black thoughts have flown, and what seemed insurmountable, is almost nonsense.

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Should get a special USB flash drive, for example, and download her favorite Comedy and dreary evenings is not the TV remote to press in search of something interesting and enjoy funny stories.

Psychologists also recommend to hang around the apartment funny images – perhaps on the refrigerator door, probably the bathroom. At least occasionally look at her fall, and the mood here a bit, but will rise.

Experts say that in a situation when hands fall and for the soul of “cat scratch”, like laughter. That may be so, but it turns out you can go back. Start to smile. 5 minutes of this over a “violence” and the condition improves. This happens as a result of special chemical and hormonal processes that lead to the production of endorphins. So it improves mood, because of mental and physical pain are blocked.

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Learning to laugh despite the fact that there is nothing to rejoice, it is recommended that with the fact that 3 times should be dramatically say “ha”, then a few moments loudly “squeeze out” laughter, and then, as psychologists say, to the surprise of the man himself, his laughter will cease to be artificial, and will be the most natural and even comes to mind funny memories.

Experts say that laughter does not mean the absence of human problems, and the fact that he is not afraid of them. The fact that the problems themselves are afraid of the one who laughs.

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