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The translational difference of the crises

Поступательная разница кризисов

Let’s compare the behavior of the Russian population during the previous “big crisis” in 2014 — and now. In the fall of 2014 as the beginning of a sudden drop the price of oil, and behind it was rapidly depreciate the ruble, the predictions were the most apocalyptic. The people then got very excited and jumped into shops, sweeping everything off the shelves. However, the shops were different: in autumn and in December 2014, the people stormed the shops selling the cars, electronics and appliances!

Do you remember the “consumer boom”? People took on two or three TVs, several fridges, washing machines, computers, the most expensive (then) phone models… And just as now, social networking and network editions all willing to post pictures of empty shelves and racks in “Eldorado”, “M-Video” and other such commercial networks. And similarly reasonable a few condemned setreplace — “why are you with these TVs-refrigerators will do, but where you so much, Yes do not give you a panic!”. And also, as a rule, in vain.

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And today in a situation similar to the crisis (which began with only half of lower levels), people also empties the shelves but food. Devastating attacks are “Pyaterochka” and “Crossroads”, but about some difficulties with the influx of buyers at the “Eldorado” I have not heard anything.

What does this mean? Six years ago, the people raged at the box office, because he was afraid that his cash stash will be worthless; and now people rages at other banks, because he fears not to die of hunger.

For this small but significant difference can judge what a long way the country over the past six years.

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I was thinking: if I live until the next crisis — what then will become to break fellow citizens, if not for refrigerators and not for packs of buckwheat? Probably not not. And just to be organized to line up for food stamps in soup kitchens — for a Cup of free soup.

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