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“The ugliness by law or the beauty in the mess?”

"Уродство по закону или красота по беспределу?"

First, mayor Sobyanin announced the impending demolition of illegal and ugly kiosks near the metro — and everyone liked it. Then, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, stalls were demolished — there is already heard the grumbling of the public and arose the meme “the night of the long buckets”. The mayor finally reacted to public confusion brief message in social networks: do not need to hide behind pieces of paper about property, because people want the beautiful, open streets. And here the hubbub has raised serious: it turns out, not so much, we wanted those wide-open streets, in order for them to recognize the sacred right of ownership of a simple piece of paper.

I own a property. Moreover, it’s easy to see the situation through the eyes of the injured party, because I myself was once that party. I at one time, in Luzhkov’s years, there was a small rental business. I bought a small premises in residential buildings, translating them into non-Fund and leased under all sorts of small pharmacies and shops. Then this option was closed: that the residents of these houses were unhappy that they had on the first floor of the repair, the Jolly music of Kabakov. My business kicked the bucket, and can’t say I’m impressed.

But, on the other hand, I saw how evolved the system is. Without bribes, without informal opportunities to negotiate with local chiefs to do something was impossible. I don’t believe that there is at least one person in Moscow who could go through all these hellish agreement, without paying some bribe. It was years structure of the system. Of course, all those who built the subway slogan of the shop, has enlisted over the years all the necessary paperwork. Rights Navalny, who says that along with the kiosks it would bulldoze all the officials that these securities were issued. But it was the system of business in Moscow, and all who are engaged in entrepreneurship, one way or another participated in it and thereby extended her life.

When from cute and cozy corruption, we turn to the notorious “vertical of power”, the fleeting temptation of bribes penny scatters, and power gets an opportunity to do great things. Of course, many of these cases are complete nonsense. When I see Moscow bike paths, which can be used two months out of the year, raucous laughter replaced my outbursts. Yes, it was a stupid power, stupid Manilov-mongering. But the decision to demolish the kiosks are not stupid. I absolutely support Sobyanin. Because in such a dilemma: to suffer a dull hellish shit by law or to carry it on a lawlessness — I’m a mess. Simply because against shit.

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Yes, lawlessness is terrible. But the selection is small. Is it really better to live in eternal Cherkizon, which will not change ever? What are the options?

Yes no: it was all purchased, designed and legalized long before Sobyanin or his early years. Now — I know this for sure — this corruption business is completely stopped. For any money, for any agreement is impossible to erect kiosks. There is no such people who today in Moscow to decide such questions. Accordingly, it’s really something, what did the mayor. He destroyed the corruption schemes in the construction of tents, pieces of glass and extensions. He really wants to change the image of the city. It cannot be changed, leaving the shops outhouses with synthetic tights and pies from kittens.

I resent the hypocrisy of the Internet community, its double standards. You? You like “law of Dima Yakovlev”, the law on NGOs, law on rallies? Or perhaps you acknowledge that some laws are not conducive to positive change in the country?

Or, perhaps, harmful and evil laws can only be broken by those with whom you are friends on Facebook? When your favorite Kapkov demolished kebab in Gorky Park, you rejoiced, applauded and fell at his feet. But Kapkov was doing exactly the same thing that now makes Sobyanin. However, he also at the right moment drank coffee with Saprykina and put his wife to head the Museum of Moscow — perhaps it was a wise PR and provided Sergei benevolence of the audience of the magazine “Afisha” and the creative class.

I remember when I was told about the troubles of the unfortunate chef who lost their businesses: they corrupt schemes received the contract for 10-15 years and didn’t plan to leave the Park. There were two options: deal with them by any means, threats and assaults, to cast them out, with police and bulldozers to demolish or to endure another 15 years.

There would be no Gorky Park, if one fine morning there came the excavators. Kapkov at this time went with the guards, I remember it well, because his address was received threats from all of these smoked. But now we have a Park where hundreds of beautiful hipsters enjoy life and make plans for a bright future.

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Yes, the lawlessness, yeah, in one night, without warning. And it’s very sad, but inevitable for modern Russia the course of events. Alas, the only way it works. The choice between law and lawlessness we have. Another choice to live a lawlessness among ugliness and squalor, either — again, in circumvention of the law — to try to break through to something better. Therefore, I think the demolition of the kiosks and the destruction of heritage Luzhkov’s corruption was an important and good thing. And that this corruption is destroyed, you will confirm all builders and developers in Moscow.

Was it possible to do everything in a civilized manner? So that the owners of the stalls (very wealthy people) are not put forward of unemployed pensioners who will be beaten in the empty pots and shouting that the mayor had deprived them of work during the crisis? Perhaps you can come up and move smarter. But the mayor deliberately made a willful decision. He knew that decision is unpopular, and deliberately missed a serious blow to its image. But he did it in order to even slightly change the appearance of the city. This makes me great respect. Also, by the way, like paid Parking, which I also absolutely support. Not the largest city of Russia, claims the status of the capital of a superpower, to be a cheap city. We still will be forced to live like in London and Paris, and to endure the associated inconveniences. But we will at least tolerate them, seeing around a dirty glass with synthetic stockings, cheap jewelry and nauseating fast food.

Dear hipsters. While the Park was kebab-beer Paradise, you just did not go there. One day you opened the doors — and behind them was a blooming garden with Dasha Zhukova at the entrance, with delicious ice cream from Ginza in the beautiful booths, with the spring festivals of roses, as if all this was always, or came down from the sky. So the waiter brings you a ribeye steak, not before swiping a tour of the slaughterhouse. Bloody pictures from the meat will undoubtedly spoil your appetite, but just so there are delicious steaks. You don’t want to see the work of a butcher, and only the finished dish with garnish and a sprig of parsley? Then just turn away now. And, please, don’t be hypocritical.

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