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The Ukrainian Minister called for the legalization of prostitution and was sure of its effectiveness

Украинский министр выступил за легализацию проституции и уверен в её эффективности

Milovanov advocated the legalization of prostitution in Ukraine: can it become effective.

The Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture of Ukraine Tymofiy mylovanov advocated the legalization of prostitution in the country.

In an interview with “Word and Deed” Milovanov said that will effectively legalize and formalize the trade body.

“We have the sector in respect of which we pretend that they are not. Prostitution is one of them. What do you think, how many people working?

It is completely illegal sector. But he always was. The people there are not really protected. Of course, many people may believe that it is ethically unacceptable, but this phenomenon does not disappear — it will only get worse. Even human trafficking is, even slavery there. And we need to do something.

One way is the best monitoring and combating. The second way is legalization. Society must decide which way is better. But, in my opinion, it would be more effective to legalize, formalize and further handling. That is, letting but letting in some places; not allowing the mockery of the people” — he expressed his opinion about the “priestesses of love”.

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According to him, the “bad” numbers in prostitution involved up to 200 thousand Ukrainians.

While Milovanov cited the example of Scandinavian countries, which works better than the legalization of the “oldest profession” and the potential criminal responsibility of the client.

Note, in Ukraine for the legalization of prostitution has been made by the government of ex-President Petro Poroshenko. Former Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko stated that prostitution under control is more beneficial to society.

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