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The value of protests is determined by the reaction of those against whom it is directed

Ценность протестной акции определяется реакцией тех, против кого она направлена

It may seem that a measure of success of public shares — the number. Like, more than the tops seen with a camera — the closer the result.

Practice shows that to count the number of published only metric is to seek “objective” value of the goods or services.

How much is a bottle of juice? Spherical vacuum — not at all. For a distributor who has at his own expense to pick up unsold bottles from the warehouse network, it will cost a negative amount. Hypermarket — 30 rubles, in the supermarket — 35, the store “at home” — 40 roubles, on a train — $ 100 in restaurant — 200, the plane — 500, for the dying from dehydration in the desert — equal to the entire life.

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Juice bottle takes the price exactly at the time of the transaction. It is not defined by any objective factors, in addition to the representation of the buyer that he wants a bottle of juice more than save N rubles.

I.e., price is a form of reaction. You look at the price tag, determine the value for yourself, either make a deal or move on.

The value of the protest of the action is determined by the reaction of those against whom it is directed.

From this point of view, the events of the last three weeks is completely unprecedented. Sitting all opposition leaders, including the quietest, SystemMessage Dmitry Gudkov and his main supporters. In the Fund of struggle against corruption: a criminal case, searches, blocking of accounts of the Fund and employees. Each meeting brings the city into martial law, where the fact of being on the street at a certain time — is an administrative offense and the basis for the detention. The entire staff of Troll-factories moved from Ukraine to Sable.

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Nothing remotely similar was not in may of the 12th or in the period of “neimana”. We saw a lot, got used to many, but such carte Blanche for mayhem: 84 investigator, three “framework” criminal cases: 141-I, 174-I, 212-I. Carpet night searches indiscriminately, including parents registered candidate Besedinoy.

Because we have no idea how things will develop in the protest, but one can assess with precision: the set of decision-making officials of the event very seriously.

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