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The world Bank has suspended the issuance of loans to Ukraine

Мировой банк приостановил выдачу кредитов Украине

Qimiao Fan explained that the world Bank money Ukraine will give. after checking. Photo:

In international finorganizatsii want to see where our country has spent previous funds.

World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Qimiao Fan said that while our country does not receive money from the organization. I reported about it”UNIAN” on 1 April.

Only the IMF and the world Bank gave Ukraine 4.7 billion dollars over the past two years incomplete. The “portfolio” from the WB are a further 3.1 billion, which Ukraine will receive, if they prove efficient allocation of previous tranches.

– Before we allocate funding, it is important that the money already allocated were used efficiently and quickly. We have $3.1 billion in the portfolio and $2.1 billion is not selected. So we want to see better development of that money before we will consider new initiatives on financing, said Fan. According to him, over the last 20 months only direct budget injections into the economy of Ukraine was made in the amount of 2.25 billion dollars.

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The IMF earlier said it would allocate Ukraine the next tranche only after resolved the political crisis.

Мировой банк приостановил выдачу кредитов Украине


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