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Turkish drone destroyed two Soviet anti-aircraft missile complex in Libya

Турецкий беспилотник уничтожил два советских зенитно-ракетных комплекса в Ливии

Two Soviet anti-aircraft missile complex (ZRK) “Cube” of Soviet production was destroyed by one blow of the Turkish drone near the base of the al-Vatiya, located in the Western Tripolitania.

It is reported by AVIA.PRO, referring to Twitter HA_REPORTER and other sources.

None of the radars could not identify the Turkish drone, resulting in the launch of two missiles of class “air-surface” two of the complex was destroyed.


The publication writes that the Turkish side could use electronic jamming. Experts came to this conclusion because previously, such complexes were used for the destruction of unmanned aerial vehicles, but this time the “Cubes” failed even to recognize the threat.

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Note that the Libyan army is actively using the Soviet air defense (PVO). But recently, the army of the Haftarot can start to use the “Shell-С1Э” that came from the UAE and was hit by the overwhelming number of Turkish drones and military aircraft since the beginning of the armed conflict in the country.

As a response to the destruction of Libya previously attacked Mitiga airbase. The result was killed at least two civilian aircraft , fuel storage, as well as four Turkish drone.

Air base al-Vatiya has strategic value – it operates aircraft of the Haftarot that the Libyan national army in Tripoli and causing attacks on Turkish forces.

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Earlier, the UN has found evidence that Libya is about one thousand Russian soldiers.



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