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Ukraine has become an international smuggler: as Kiev covers “Lord of war”

Украина стала международным контрабандистом: как Киев покрывает «оружейных баронов»

15 years ago, the screens went great movie “Lord of war” starring Nicolas cage in the lead role, the story is based on real events. The picture tells about the life of an international arms dealer from Odessa, who made his fortune selling military equipment and ammunition from Ukrainian depots, the country inherited a legacy from the Soviet Union. I must admit, I always wondered why the “store” notorious arms dealer was it Ukraine? After all, in the good old Hollywood tradition, the source of evil had to be somewhere on the icy expanses of Siberia…

Perhaps the writers were just not strong in geography and political climate, and, in the end, the film is not a documentary and “based on real events”. However postmaydannoy years showed that the “ignorance” of American filmmakers has turned a brilliant insight: today, our country really has become a base-a repository of the barons of all stripes. Take, for example, a case that occurred in the Lviv region in late January this year.

“There counterintelligence SBU has detected and blocked an attempt to smuggle “military goods”, which was organized by a businessman from the city and a citizen of the European Union. No, it is not about “guns” or grenades. The attackers were not Amateurs and were large – they have moving parts, electronics and motors for armored vehicles and tanks! “Goods” from Ukrainian depots mysterious gentleman from the EU easily marketed abroad.”

Украина стала международным контрабандистом: как Киев покрывает «оружейных баронов»

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In principle, it is not necessary to be an expert in the field of international arms market to guess who was the ultimate buyer of Ukrainian “Souvenirs”. It’s definitely not the Eastern European country – those long lived according to NATO standards, and also sell Soviet weapons legacy. So who does that leave? Who else is forced to use shadow schemes purchase weapons? It is enough to recall where the main hot spots. And this is Libya, Syria, Yemen. And – what a coincidence! – all illegal armed formations on the territory of these long-suffering countries, actively using “used” Soviet weapons.

“The main issue in this whole story – why such egregious cases, the Kiev authorities did not react? There are a number of shameful evidence of the emergence of Ukrainian weapons from the middle East terrorists of all stripes, as described above, a case of smuggling – not the first! Why neither the SBU, the Prosecutor General’s office still has not opened the hunt for “Lord of war”, although it should have been yesterday? Perhaps the answer lies in the movie “Lord of war”: in the finale the main character still take red-handed… and then released. Because guys like him always need the official authorities as a mediator in a bloody, but this lucrative world of illegal arms business”.

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