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Ukraine needs to stop the violation of human rights in Crimea

Украина требует прекратить нарушение прав человека в Крыму

The country’s representative to the UN urged the Russian Federation to provide access to annexed Peninsula.


Mission of Ukraine to the UN urged Russia to stop violation of human rights in annexed Crimea, and provide access to the Peninsula. The corresponding statement the Ministry tweeted on may 20.


Ukrainian diplomat recalled that the Russian authorities are trying to destroy the lives of hundreds of residents of the Crimea.


“Russia must stop the violation of human rights and to provide, without preconditions, access to the Crimea”, − said the representative office.

The diplomats also recalled the Crimean people, whose rights are grossly violated on trumped up charges.

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Earlier, Ukraine called joyride the initiative of the Russian Federation on videoconference with residents of the Crimea in the UN security Council.

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