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Uncontrollable chaos

Неуправляемый хаос

The history of amendments to the Constitution — an example of attempts to solve unpredictable problems by the people who used to act in predictable situations. The system of government was not ready to be an uncontrolled development of events, when simulation initiative aimed at “improvement of Putinism”, accidentally caused a flood melkodispersnoj independent political action and the mutually exclusive plan.

The process of making and the discussion of the amendments turned into uncontrollable chaos, which is now completely wiped (and initially was available only to a few people who know (knew?) the further direction of transit). Eliminating public policy, Putin not from a great understanding of what is happening has made to the agenda the question that returns public policy. Nothing more dangerous for himself, he could not do.

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The usual approach to elections under the scheme “challenge — tampering — voter — falsification — support — falsification — result — falsification — PR” in the incident with the amendments to the Constitution doesn’t work: the absolute majority of citizens the goal of this manipulation is not clear what causes as alertness and detachment. People don’t understand that which way and where they are.

Panic from a gradual awareness of the Kremlin’s loss of control over the process grow all these convulsions with sudden amendments, which are impossible to accept, but backed by powerful interest groups (ROC, security forces, revenge-seekers of all stripes, business, from whom nothing was expected), and phantom fears with the choice of day is unclear so far on the status of the vote, the result of which is unpredictable.

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A plebiscite, you say? There’s nothing worse than plebiscite in the system, from which all were tired.

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