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What you didn’t know about the Brest fortress

То, чего вы не знали о Брестской крепости

То, чего вы не знали о Брестской крепости

Every year consistently watching may 9 vserazlichnyh fans of the USSR and the Stalinists post pictures of the Brest fortress — but do not even know how many days there was fighting in 1941, and that in fact in June 1941 began the not the first defense of the Brest fortress during the Second world war.

This is very typical for the archaic, Soviet-blinkered world — to pull out of context only those facts that fit into the Soviet mythology and completely ignore all that it does not fit — and I have repeatedly caught fans of the USSR. Tell them the inconvenient historical facts about a particular event — as they run into the bushes, hiding there, and after some time again start to shout out their myths.

In today’s post I will tell you the facts about the Brest fortress, which had been silent Soviet and continues to remain silent (or to finesse) modern Russian historiography. However, these are facts you need to know — we live in the XXI century, in which there must be some kind of “ideologically correct” view of history — we just need to know the truth. Make sure you check out the article below, write in the comments your opinion, well to friends to add do not forget)

An Outpost of the Royal executioners.

То, чего вы не знали о Брестской крепости

For starters, let’s see — why all appeared Brest fortress? Soviet historiography told stories about some “Outpost on the Western borders of the Empire,” but the truth is that in the 1830-ies in the district of Brest no Western boundaries were not part of the Russian Empire for many years was part of the Kingdom of Poland, and the Western border of the Russian Empire stretched to many hundreds of kilometers West of Brest.

Why the fortress was built exactly there and then? In the years 1830-1831 in Poland and Belarus broke out the liberation of the Belarusian-Polish revolt against tsarism. The slogan of the uprising was “For our freedom and yours” — later these words are raised on the banners of the rebels Kalinowski. The uprising was krovim way suppressed by the tsarist government — the rebels lost 40 thousand people were killed that was almost one-third of all the rebels. After the defeat of the uprising began in tsarist repression in the lands of Poland and Belarus is approximately similar to what Soviet troops were doing after the suppression of the Tambov uprising.

Then came the Brest fortress — in those years it was, in fact, an Outpost and a garrison of the king’s punitive troops, who followed up “order in the newly annexed lands.” And in a former Bagitskogo monastery, which was on the territory of the fortress was established a prison for “enemies of tsarism” — in which the pose was kept the rebels Kalinowski and members of the underground organizations of the late nineteenth century. Can present, what image and what reputation was at the fortress in those years among the local population.

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The forgotten defenders.

То, чего вы не знали о Брестской крепости

The creators of the Soviet myths about the war tell tales of the “last peaceful day in Brest on 21 June 1941” — but in fact, on June 22 started the second defense of the Brest fortress — the first helicopter of the fortress from the Nazis began on 2 September 1939, when the fortress was first attacked by German bombing. The fortress came the 19th motorized corps Guderian — 77 tanks attempted to take the fortress immediately, but was heroically repulsed by Polish infantry, supported by 12 tanks “Renault FT” (they were all shot down by the Germans).

Just until September 17, 1939 defenders of the Polish army recaptured the 7 major German attack is losing up to 40% of the personnel. The garrison of Plisovsky, the commandant of the fortress — began to move away from the Fort on 17 September. Later Plisovsky captured Soviet parts of the NKVD and shot in April 1940 — as at the time of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were still allies.

After 17 September in the fortress were only volunteers — who fought and did not hand over the fortress to the Germans. The post how to 17 September, the town became part of the Soviet and gave the Germans a joint parade — the fortress began to attack the troops of the USSR. In the night from 26 to 27 September, the last defenders began to leave later, almost all of them ended up in the Soviet Gulag or were shot in the Katyn forest.

Interestingly, in 1939 the fortress was defended by mostly Belarusians — because the armed forces of the Polish Army formed on a territorial principle, but in the USSR the first heroic defense of the Brest fortress from the Nazis has been completely forgotten, as it did not fit in the myths of the “great Patriotic war”.

That’s a good question all fantam scoop — is a veteran of the “great Patriotic war” Belarusian, who in 1939 heroically defended the Brest fortress from the hordes of first Panzer Guderian, and then by Soviet troops?

A joint parade.

То, чего вы не знали о Брестской крепости

22 Sep 1939, when the remnants of the heroic defenders of the Brest fortress still defended by German and Soviet troops in Brest was held a joint parade of the Wehrmacht and RCCI in honor of the establishment of the border between new world empires — Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, which began to divide Europe between themselves.

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This story is now shamefully hushed up by the lovers of the Soviet Union — which really do not want to accept the fact that the Soviet Union entered the Second World war is not Grand and not in a fatherly way, on 22 June 1941, but much earlier. Or, recognizing this fact, fans of the USSR begin to speak in the comments that it was not a parade and shouting quotes commander Krivoshein: “In 16 hours of your corps in marching column, with standard front, leave the city, my units, also in marching column, enter the city, stop on the streets, where are the German regiments, and its flag salute passing units. Bands perform military marches”. What is it if not a parade?

In General, all of these things are also ignored and continue to be silenced — because that one is the elderly grandfather of the small size set a new “gatherer of lands”.

That in the Brest fortress did the NKVD?

То, чего вы не знали о Брестской крепости

Another very inconvenient fact for all fans of the USSR is that some of the defenders of the fortress were part of the NKVD, namely the 132 th battalion escort. This fact had previously ignored, and now the Stalinists and readers of books about “popadantsev” invented a new tactic — posts pictures of the NKVD-schnick and shout about how good they are, once defended the Brest fortress.

This is another interesting question — what did the NKVD troops in the Brest fortress in 1941? The main task of the escort battalion — security prisoners sitting in cells all of the same Snake (a former monastery on the territory of the fortress), as in tsarist times. Contained in the Interesting, mostly suicide — the number of prisoners from among the “Polish and Belarusian nationalists”, which the Soviet government ordered to destroy. History of the NKVD prison in the fortress did not fit into official Soviet historiography — and the Bridgettine monastery in the fortress blew up in 1955. As if it had never been.

Such cases.

By the way, this partly explains why in Russia so far (until 2050) classified all the archives of the Second World war — are still a set of stories that clash with the propaganda stories. But then the authorities will be harder to tell stories about the “great Patriotic war” — a victory which, as you know, was the biggest personal achievement of Vladimir Putin.

Such cases.

Write in the comments what you think about all this.

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