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Who suggested that the coronavirus will infect two-thirds of the population

В ВОЗ предположили, что коронавирусом заразятся две трети населения Земли

The number of people infected with coronavirus new type continues to grow rapidly — in days in China were about 4 thousand of new cases. Who have suggested that Covid-19 can affect the two thirds of the population of the planet. Russians are losing interest in foreign tourism, though I am afraid of the epidemic, less than half.

What life gave coronavirus

— Who believe that the coronavirus can infect up to two thirds of the population. Such assumption was stated by the Advisor of the organization biostatic and epidemiologist Ira of Longini, according to Bloomberg.

— According to the National Commission on health of the PRC, to February 14 in the world 63 851 confirmed cases, of which 63 294 registered in the Republic. Died of disease 1 383 persons, recovered — 6796.

— According to the SCMP, the total number of people infected with the novel coronavirus worldwide, was 64 434.

248 cases identified in Japan, 58 in Singapore, 33 in Thailand, 28 in South Korea. As the channel CGTN, just outside of China confirmed 505 infections.

— The experts the Journal of Hospital Infection found out how much the coronavirus can live on surfaces of objects. According to a new study, in the case that new Covid-19 is similar to the other coronaviruses of this family, it can remain active for weeks or more.

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— Meanwhile, international experts and health workers have accused China of distorting the data on coronavirus amid record growth of death rate in Hubei province, the newspaper Financial Times. As stated in the Imperial College of London, in fact the doctors were able to diagnose only 5% of cases, and only the most difficult.

In Wuhan assure that we have found an effective method of treatment. Transfusion of plasma recovered from pneumonia, caused by COVID-19, has proved its effectiveness, said at a press conference, the head physician of the hospital in Wuhan, Zhang Dinyi

Less than half of Russians are afraid of the disease

Only 42% of respondents in Russia believe the threat level because of coronavirus in the world of high, said a research center of Ipsos. Most survive in Japan (66%), Australia (61%) and the USA (55%). About 47% of the population of Canada, the UK and Germany also believe that things are bad.

— Nevertheless, the Russians massively lost interest in the international marine cruises for fear to be infected by the coronavirus or to be locked up on that ship because of the quarantine, reported in the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT). International Association of cruise lines have also decided to limit the landing of the ships passengers who visited China in the last two weeks.

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The Alliance of travel agencies (ATA) has also reported decline in demand for overseas tours among Russians by 20-25%.

You can become infected through the toilet

— In Japan, was the first recorded case of death due to infection with the novel coronavirus Covid-19 in the country, transmits television channel NHK. According to media reports, a victim of the disease was the 80-year-old woman who lived in the Prefecture next to Tokyo.

— In the Vietnamese province Vinify were quarantined Sonley municipality with a population of 10 thousand people, located near Hanoi. The decision was made on 13 February, after it became known about six cases of infection with coronavirus Covid-19 among the locals.

— Hong Kong authorities have advanced the theory that the coronavirus Covid-2019 can be spread through the sewage pipe, according to broadcaster CNN. At this point they got infected with a 62-year-old woman. She had not visited the epicenter of the epidemic Wuhan and did not communicate with the infected. The only one who was infected, was infected 75-year-old neighbor, with whom she had shared the sewage riser, redesigned independently. Presumably, because of this, contaminated air enters from the toilet.

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