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Why can’t I lose weight: three unexpected reasons

Почему не получается похудеть: три неожиданные причиныScientists have discovered why some women diets do not help.

Constantly consider the daily package of calories, and to lose weight fail?

Scientists have found an explanation.

Who among us has not sinned with a piece of chocolate before bed? Or who of us has not eaten a few delicious cookies with the words “Oh, what there are of them?”. And this, incidentally, is the extra calories that get stored on our flanks. British scientists have found that these extra calories prevent to give weight to normal.

Studies have shown that women who look after their health, trying to eat 1800 calories a day. In fact, the real consumption is 2200 calories per day. This is 200 calories more than the recommended daily allowance for women and 400 calories more than the norm that a woman sets for herself.

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The reason for this is the so-called “accidental calories”. They’re hiding in the extra piece of chocolate, ice cream with caramel or cappuccino berry syrup. Reason No. 1 was the chocolate. Many women eat a piece or two and absolutely do not take it in calculating daily allowance of calories, naively believing that a small piece no harm figure will not.

Thus, every year each woman uses 146 thousand “accidental calories”. And this, in turn, equal to 487 cheeseburgers, 1825 608 glasses of champagne or chocolate bars. What kind of weight loss can be a speech?

This is not the first discovery, which proves that the efficiencies of the diet depends on side factors. For example, recently, scientists have discovered that there is a so-called gene for obesity. And if you sit on a diet high in fat, it includes in the body of the “gene of obesity”. Studies have shown that if this gene is disabled, the body will not suffer excess weight.

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Also recently, scientists have found that extra weight add some medicines. They adversely affect the microflora of the stomach and intestines. This in turn complicates the exchange of substances in the body, due to which people start to suffer from obesity.

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