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Why Vitaly Saveliev rocks the boat?

Зачем Виталий Савельев раскачивает лодку?

“Separatism ideology and based on her political movement aimed at secession of a part of territory from an existing state and the elimination of its sovereignty over it” – Great Russian ENCYCLOPAEDIA.

I just started my story with the definition of separatism. The topic that prompted me to write this text – an interview with Vitaly Saveliev (which, really, no interviews, and a policy statement about a preferred direction, though I’m not sure that the term “development” is applicable here) in which he raised this whirlwind of outrage both among politicians and among ordinary citizens of the Eastern part of our great country.

Let’s get through the “interview”. Opening with the usual for mister Savelyev “otfotoshopte” pictures, the interview immediately started with a reporter’s question about the price of kerosene, which allows me to confidently say that not only the answers but the questions were written by the press service of “Aeroflot”.

Too obvious, friends. Nepotism, the active use of “logging tools” (if you know what I mean) and extreme lack of professionalism of the top management of the airline, who defend only their own interests, leads to the fact, that the decline in the quality of services significantly increase costs (which can be seen on financial statements). Main mantra, “saving” the airline monopoly from throwing their rotten tomatoes – the constant story about an insanely expensive jet fuel.

I’m not an expert in the field of jet fuel, so all that remains for me is to get the website of Federal air transport Agency and look at the cost of jet fuel in the official report. So, take Sheremetyevo. The airport has three refueling companies. Let’s make a small plate and see how changing fuel prices (I’ll take only some months in random order, so as not to clog the head too much):




JSC “Aero-Sheremetyevo”

ZAO TZK Sheremetyevo

“Gazpromneft – Aero Sheremetyevo”

December 2017




January 2018




April 2018




May 2018




November 2018




December 2018




January 2019




February 2019

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Whether the increased prices for aviation fuel? Yes, of course rose. Does this increase the drop in profits of the airline over the past year, ten times (TEN TIMES, CARL!)?

No. Not justified.

The numbers, of course, no one’s watching, it’s too boring and you can always shout “You know nothing, the growth of fuel at fifteen cents increases the cost in the trillions!!!”, but that’s just nowhere to put another line of a financial report – revenue growth. And in simple words, passengers of Aeroflot and from the budget to fight money become much more. But more on that later.

So, the interview starts with a predictable wailing about the price of aviation fuel and the story of conducting hedging transactions. Do not understand this and will not challenge, just remember that “Aeroflot” on the hedging of fuel lost even not millions – billions (e.g. 23.2 billion roubles loss in the first nine months of 2015). It is possible that would lose even our national carrier some questions surprisingly stubborn.

Further there is a justification the fact of rise in price of aviation fuel that the rise in “Aeroflot” the fuel Assembly (produced, according to the journalist, twice per year) with the words “this is not our whim” (whose?), hitting the Saratov airport, then a set of heated base compliments “Sheremetyevo” (which is all summer suits the circus Tent with the Luggage of the passengers of “Aeroflot”, which apparently is not very concerned about Saveliev), an honest recognition of the benefits for airlines babahanova rate (who would doubt that this is not done for the passenger), and the story about the tolerances “Transaero”.

Let me remind you, this is the first year “Aeroflot” has not received the extension of routes, “Transaero” automatically – was arranged a theatrical performance called “everyone, we have competition!”, S7 admitted and allowed to take a single (wow!) route. All this was done so clumsy and unrealistic that his indignation had to Express even the head of the FAS, which once again (last year) “protested” unclear crony mechanism of distribution routes (but to do this, of course, nothing is going).

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It is, you know, classic hypocrisy. What you say, outraged? One route given? Gave. So not all itself took!!!

So, Saveliev “ran” the officials that supposedly have no risk, told that is still not “recaptured” the cost of passengers “Transaero”… when I hear about these unfortunate passengers, nobly carried Natsprom, always involuntarily asking myself two questions:

• These passengers, their that four billion it?

• Who is to blame that Savelyev, in the management of exclusive largest airline, admits a drop in profits dozens of times and cannot “recapture” the cost of passengers?

And again saves the price of kerosene. “Yes, we called a sample time 5-7 years, but we did not know that the kerosene so grow up!” – interestingly, most do not funny?

However, I flowed the idea of the tree. Yes, parts of the policy statement about privatization of “Victory” and hub in Krasnoyarsk is interesting, but I’m more interested in the statement about the “flat” rates, which the Director-General of the so-called “national” carrier poured a bucket of slops.

Oh, what is this reaction called… Newspapers have cited quotes of ordinary people: “I believe that this is genocide!”, “It’s the end of the Far East” – you feel? But it’s Newspapers, and I climbed up on Internet forums. And here there is really scary because every second or third message is an offer to the countrymen to think how great it will be after the separation from this of Moscow with this annoying “Aeroflot”…

It had to manage to submit a reason for separatist sentiment. And most importantly, that these cries are very easy to understand. Nobody wants to watch some “otfotoshoplenny” man plays “effective European Manager”, while not being able even in a super-greenhouse conditions show at least a minimum profitability of the business entrusted it.

And in that regard it makes me wonder – when the office of the Director General of the “national” airline will be a phone call and a friend of televiosn news the voice will ask:

“Vitaly, are You doing? You who is allowed to rock the boat?”


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