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Why you need to remove waxy build-up?

Почему нужно удалять серные пробки?

Most of the systems of the human body have the function of self-purification.

Nature has taken care to ensure that such a mechanism was present in the hearing. The accumulation of lumps of secrets glands and dead skin particles epithelium is moved from the membrane, appearing at the output of the ear hole. This is due to vibroplity wall of the passage and the mandibular joint. In addition, the promotion of the masses is stimulated by the microvibrations of the cilia covering the inner surface of the ears.

When occur in the system dysfunction, the cleansing process is disturbed and the concentration of the mixture leads to the formation of the tube, causing discomfort and sometimes hearing loss and inflammation.

Cerumen in the ear occurs for a number of reasons. The most common of them are:

  • incorrectly held body procedures;
  • with the constant wearing of the hearing aid or headphones;
  • with increased hair growth that often occurs in older patients;
  • with increased secretion of the glands;
  • with the development of the inflammatory process in the ear, resulting in a narrowing of the passage;
  • with the anatomy of the auditory canal;
  • with profpathology, a genus which includes a long-term stay of an employee in polluted and dusty structures, as well as areas with humidity less than 40%.
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Reasons enhance secretory production can be a predisposition to this and inflammation due to infection. Otitis media is one of the factors that cause waxy build-up. It occurs when the swelling of tissues mechanically prevents the normal self-cleaning, reducing the passage of the ear. And the inflammatory process alters the chemical composition of secretions, reducing the number of protective substances (e.g., immunoglobulins). Related to this are quite common ENT complication of secondary microbial contamination.

But ear infections appear and the resulting large traffic jams. Prolonged pressure on the eardrum irritating the end of the nerves, which becomes the impetus for the development of masingita – types of otitis media. In addition, the sulfur seal large size can lead to more serious consequences:

  • seizures resembling epileptic;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • paralysis of the facial nerve.
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These symptoms are observed in cases when the timely neudenau tube strongly compressed nerve endings. Symptoms subside with removal of the stimulus.

So you need to visit ENT doctor for conditions from hearing loss, noise and congestion in the ears. The gradual accumulation of sulfuric secret only increases the symptoms causing the pain, cough, voice resonate, nausea dizziness.

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